Follow this step-by-step guide to receive Cdiscount messages in your Replyco account by adding the Cdiscount Integration.
In order to access your Cdiscount customer messages and order information within the Replyco interface, you’ll need to connect your Cdiscount account. To start, head over to your Replyco home screen.
Click + Add Integration at the top-right of the app.
Select Cdiscount from the list of integration options, bringing up the authorization window.

Step 1: Authorize

From here, we need to head to our Cdiscount seller account. Open Cdiscount in a new tab by clicking the blue hyperlinked “here” text.
Be sure to keep the Replyco window open — we'll head back here later.

Step 2: Open Cdiscount Settings

Once logged in to your Cdiscount account, click “Settings” in the top-right corner of the screen, and from the dropdown menu, select “User Rights management.”

Step 3: Create a New User

Click the “Add a user API” button to create your user login credentials. Once finished, hit Submit. A message will appear that your new account was successfully created.
You will need the new username and password you just created for Step #5.

Step 4: Continue on Replyco

Head back to the Replyco authorization window we were just on earlier. Scroll down to the bottom and click the Authorize button.

Step 5: Add the Cdiscount User Info to Replyco

Integration name: Give your integration any name you want — this is for internal purposes only.
Username-Api: Enter the login name you just created on Cdiscount in Step #3, followed by “-api”.
Password: Enter the Cdiscount password you created in Step #3.
Display Email: Associate an email address with your new integration.
Once done, click the Authorize button at the bottom.
Make sure to add "-api" with no spaces at the end of your Username-Api entry for this integration to work.

All Done!

You will now see a message that your Cdiscount Integration was saved successfully. Click the Finish button.
To confirm your new integration has been successfully added to Replyco, click the Admin panel on the left-hand side of the Replyco home screen and then select Integrations. Here you will see a list of all the integrations you have installed.
Last modified 1yr ago