Inside a Case

Learn about everything you can do from inside an eBay Case.
Using Replyco, you can respond directly to an eBay Case by tracking and performing the various steps required by eBay.
What’s the difference? In Replyco, the entire audit trail displays for each case, along with:
  • Related Tickets (for customer communications)
  • General Details
  • Return Files
  • Refund Details
  • Customer Order
  • Shipping and Product Details
Clicking on the Related Ticket link will open a new window and take you directly to the original request in Tickets. When viewing that ticket, you’ll also be able to link back to the actual case in Replyco.

Case Options

Available actions to take on a case include:
  • Approve Request
  • Issue Full Refund
  • Issue Partial Refund
  • Offer Replacement
  • Send Message
  • Attach Photos
  • And more…