How to Create Shipping Labels (Beta)
Everything you need to know about creating and uploading shipping labels for eBay returns in Replyco.
To further reduce processing times for returns / refunds, eCommerce sellers can now create company-specific shipping labels for item returns. Instead of having to create a new label each time you need to send one to a customer, you will be able to upload and access your saved labels within your Replyco account.
It works much like saved templates. When you click to upload a label for a return, just grab the one you’ve saved.

Create New Shipping Label

To create a new Shipping Label, simply follow these steps:
Go to Tools > Shipping Label > Create New > [upload the file & give it a name] > Save

Upload Saved Shipping Label

Saved Shipping Labels are accessible through the Returns / Refunds section (after you’ve approved a return and when the Upload a Shipping Label option appears).
Just click on Upload a Shipping Label and follow the on-screen instructions.

Delete Shipping Label

To Delete a Shipping Label, click on the garbage can icon in the upper right corner next to the uploaded Label.