How to Set Up Live Chat for Your Website

Follow this step-by-step guide to add the Replyco Live Chat widget to your website.
Adding a Live Chat feature to your website allows you to effortlessly connect with website visitors while offering a streamlined customer service experience. Follow this setup guide if your website doesn’t use a content management system like WordPress, or an eCommerce platform like Shopify.

Step 1: Go to the Widgets tab

To set up Replyco Live Chat, first go to the Instant Tools section, then select the Widgets tab.

Step 2: Create a New Widget

From the widgets page, click the "+ Create New" button.
Click the "+ Create New" button

Step 3: Set Up Your Live Chat Appearance

Here you will set up the title, appearance and messaging of your Live Chat Widget, as well as assign Live Chat users. Once you’re done, click the "Save" button.
Theme: Select a color for your live chat widget.
Background Color: Select the color that appears behind the chat window.
Position: Choose whether the Live Chat widget appears on the left-hand or right-hand side of the screen.
Working days / Working hours / Holidays: Selecting your business hours and days of operation, as well as the holidays on which your team isn't available, will determine when web visitors see the "During business hours" or "Outside business hours" message.
Responsible users: Assign which team members will be able to receive and respond to live chat messages from the Instant Messages tab of Replyco.
Chat title: Give your chat a title — this is what web visitors will see immediately after clicking on the Live Chat widget, but before starting a conversation.
Introductory message: Give your chat an introductory message, such as "How can we help you?" This will be displayed at the top of the chat widget after starting a conversation.
During business hours message: Write a message that will appear on the Live Chat widget during normal days / hours of operation, as specified above.
Outside business hours message: Write a message that will appear on the Live Chat widget when your team is unavailable, as specified above.
Show welcome message: Leaving this slider in the "On" position will display the "Introductory message" above the Live Chat widget icon at all times.
Play sound for new messages: Leaving this slider in the "On" position will trigger a sound when new messages are sent or received in the Live Chat widget.
Other than “Holidays” all fields must be completed in this step before proceeding.

Step 4: Copy the Live Chat HTML Code

Select your newly created Live Chat widget from the Widgets screen. Then, click on the "Installation" tab and select "Copy" to the right of the HTML code.

Step 5: Edit Your Website's HTML

Next, with your preferred text editor program or integrated developer environment (Sublime Text, Atom, Microsoft Visual Studio, etc.), open the webpage(s) on which you wish to install Live Chat.
Alternatively, if you use an online, all-in-one hosting and development solution, like GoDaddy, you can edit or add HTML code directly from their online interface.
In your HTML code, between the opening <body> and closing </body> tags, paste the Live Chat code you copied in Step #4.
Note: You will need to repeat steps 5 - 6 for every webpage you would like to have the Live Chat widget installed on.

Step 6: Save Your Revised HTML

Save your edited HTML document and upload it to your web hosting service. You'll be replacing the previous HTML document for this webpage, so that your new chat widget will be live on the web.
If you used an online development and hosting platform to edit your webpage, this will likely be done automatically when you hit “save” or “update.” To make sure, refresh the live webpage after updating, to make sure the chat widget is now there.

All Done!

Your Live Chat widget will now appear on your website.

Using Replyco Live Chat

Using your Replyco Live Chat widget couldn't be simpler. Navigate to the Instant Messages tab of the Replyco Home screen.
From here you can view and respond to all of your Live Chat messages.