How to Turn On Dark Mode

Does staring at a bright screen all day strain your eyes? Turn on Dark Mode. Here's how.
For many users, looking at a bright white screen all day to answer customer messages can be very hard on the eyes. That's why Replyco has released a Dark Mode theme. Similar to the options on your smartphone, Dark Mode is for anyone who prefers a dimmer-yet-still-handsome interface. Keep reading to learn how to turn it on.

Step 1: Look in the Left-Hand Side of Your Menu

In order to turn on Dark Mode, simply look over at the left-hand side of your menu when you log in to Replyco. You will see a Dark Mode toggle option near the bottom.

Step 2: Slide Toggle

Turn on Dark Mode by clicking on the toggle next to it. When Dark Mode is on, the blue dot should be located on the right-hand side of the slider. If you no longer wish to use Dark Mode, simply click the toggle again to turn it off.