Before you can start using Replyco, you first need to integrate your Sales channels. Integrating your BigCommerce will allow Replyco to download customer messages along with other information, such as:‌

- Customer information‌

- Product information‌

- Order information‌

This guide explains how to add your BigCommerce account to Replyco.‌

Step 1:

Click on “Add Integration” button in the top right corner of the screen.

Step 2:

Select “BigCommerce” from the list of integration options.

Step 3:

An authorisation window will appear, click “Authorise”.

Step 4:

On the next page you will be asked to provide the following details:

Step 5:

  1. Now open another tab and login into your BigCommerce store. From the menu choose Advanced Settings > API Accounts:

2. Next step is to create a new API account by clicking on “Create API Account” button.


3. Ensure you have 5 following items ticked as Read Only: Content, Customers, Orders, Order Transactions, Products.

4. Copy API Path from Bigcommerce and return to Replyco. Paste API Path into API Path field.

5. Return back to BigCommerce tab and click “Save”, you will have the following details given:

6. Please copy Access Token and Client ID from BigCommerce into Replyco.

7. Return back to BigCommerce and click “Done”. You should now see your new API account appear in BigCommerce:

Step 5:

Return back to Replyco to finish your integration.

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