Before you can start using Replyco, you first need to integrate your Sales channels. Integrating your Magento will allow Replyco to download customer messages along with other information, such as:

- Customer information

- Product information

- Order information

This guide explains how to add your Magento account to Replyco.

Step 1:

First of all, click “Add Integration”.

Step 2:

Select the Magento logo from the list of Integrations.

Step 3:

Click “Authorize” to allow us to send and receive messages from your Magento webstore.

Step 4:

In order to integrate Magento store with Replyco, you will need to create a role and a user in Magento first. We’ll help you with that.

  1. Create a role:

First, log into your Magento store and click “System”.

2. Then “User Roles”.

3. Once done click “Add New Role” button on your right-hand side.

4. Role Name: This could be anything, for example, Replyco.

5. Next, please make sure you click “All” under Resource Access for this Role. Once done, click “Save”.

6. Now that you have Created Role, let’s add a new user. To do this, click “System” > “All Users”:

7. To create a new user click “Add New User”.

8. When creating a new user you need to provide the following details. These details are the ones you’ll need to put into Replyco.

User Name - for instance Replyco;

First Name - your name;

Last Name - your last name;

Email - any email not already associated with this Magento account. Please note that the email you choose must be different from the one that is associated with your original Admin account;

Password - the password should be seven or more characters long and include both letters and numbers;

Password Confirmation - repeat the password to make sure it was entered correctly;

Interface Locale - this can be any personal preference;

This account is - Active should be set here.

Before we Save these settings, we first need to add a role to this newly created user. Ensure the role we’ve just created is selected.

Hit "Save User" and you have completed this section.

You have now created a new role and a new user in Magento. These are the details you need to add into Replyco.

Step 5:

Return back to Replyco application and fill in the details below:

Integration name - Could be anything you like, this will be displayed within Replyco interface (for example, “Magento store”);

Username - this is what you’ve created in Magento earlier;

Password - the password you’ve created earlier for the user you’ve created;

API URL - this is a link to your Magento store ( for example,

Now write a display email and click “Authorise”.

That’s it! You’re all set.

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