Amazon Messaging Preferences

Looks like you are one final step from Integrating your Amazon account with Replyco. All that is left to do is update your messaging preferences on Amazon with specific Replyco email address.

Now go to the Amazon page.

Click on “Settings”, choose “Account info”.

Paste your ReplyCo email address into Customer Service Email and Customer Service Reply to email boxes.

To do this, click on “ Your Seller Profile”.

Step 1: In the new window, select Amazon UK and click “Edit” near Customer Service details.

Enter the given email address in these two fields.

Step 2:

Click “Submit”

Step 3:

It is also good practice to check/update messaging preferences in your Amazon account. For this click on Notification preferences,scroll down the page to the Messaging tab and ensure Replyco email is copied there as well.

Click “Edit”.

Paste this email in each box. Save.

Step 4:

All Done! Your Amazon account has now been added to Replyco.