How to set up auto-responses rules?

Replyco can automatically reply to any given ticket based on your setup. You can create your own template and let Replyco send it while you are not around.

Step 1: Go to the menu on the left-hand side. Then open the Templates tab., scroll down this page.

Step 2: Under the templates, there will be Auto-response rules settings. Click on “Create new” button.

Step 3: In the window that appears, you should fill in the fields with the necessary information. Set up auto-responses according to your own preferences.

Step 4: You should configure the conditions under which the auto-response will be sent. You can add so many conditions as you want.

You can choose such settings as a sender, subject, body of the text.

Step 5:

After saving, this auto-response will be on the left-hand side below.