Follow this step-by-step guide to receive eBay messages in your Replyco account by adding the eBay Integration.
In order to begin receiving customer messages and order information from your eBay stores(s), you'll need to connect your Replyco account to each eBay store. Start by heading over to your Replyco home screen.

Step 1: Add A New Integration

To start, click the “+ Add Integration” button in the upper-right hand corner.

Step 2: Choose eBay

Select eBay from the list of currently available Replyco Integrations and then click "Authorize" to proceed to eBay.

Step 3: Authorize

  • Choose the country for your store.
  • Click on the Authorize button to be taken to eBay’s site.
  • Enter your eBay username and password. Click Sign In.

Step 4: Agree

Click on the Agree button to grant Replyco access to your eBay account.

All Done!

You should see a "New integration saved" confirmation message in the top right corner of the Replyco app.
Connecting more than 1 eBay store? Be sure to log out of the previous store BEFORE beginning the Integration process again.


To see Integrations that have already been added, go to Admin > Integrations.
A list will show the Source, Synchronization Status, Account, Name, Date for Last Messages Synced and Last Orders Synced.
  • A green status means that the Integration IS configured correctly.
  • A red status means the integration is NOT configured correctly.
DID YOU KNOW that Replyco Support Chat is available from within the app? Just click on the chat icon at the lower, right side of your screen. A representative will be available during normal business hours (GMT+0).
Last modified 1yr ago