Organizing Tools

Bring a new level of effeciency to your day-to-day workflow be learning how to use Replyco organizing tools.


Create your own Labels and that will allow you to mark your tickets, filter them & create ticket folders with ease.

Access Rights needed: Tools => Labels (View & Edit)

Access Rights needed: Labels => [choose what labels you need]

Creating a Label

Step 1: Go to Tools

In order to create a new label, go to the Tools tab, then go to the Labels tab.

Step 2: Create New Label

Click the β€œCreate new” button for creating a new label.

Step 3: Label Name & Appearance

Give the label a name & choose the colour you like. Click the Save button.

Step 4: Finish

The new label will be displayed at the Labels list on the Tools => Labels & Labels pages.

Label as a Tag

Each label can be assigned to a ticket whether manually or via Ticket Rules. In that case, all the label will be visible on the ticket list in an appropriate column.

When you are on the ticket list, you may also filter tickets by a certain label.

Label as a Folder

If you take a look on the left-hand navigation menu, you will find the Labels section (which is NOT under the Tools section).

You will find a list of labels you have access to. Click on any label to open all tickets with this label. That is what we call a folder.

Smart Filters

Tired of clearing ticket filters and then setting new ones to achieve another scenario again and again? Here are the Smart Filters that are designed to eliminate this headache once and for all.

Take control over viewing and managing incoming queries with the Smart Filters dashboard.

Presort all of your messages into different query types or categories and view them from one central screen.

Access Rights needed: Tools => Smart Filters (View & Edit)

Access Rights needed: Smart Filters => [choose what Smart Filters you need]

Smart Filters Creation

To create a Smart Filter, please visit Tools => Smart Filters and press the Create New button:

A Smart Filter creation window will open:

Here is a description of the main settings & options to choose:

  • Smart Filter icon: choose one of the default icons or upload your own by enabling the toggler;

  • Filter Name: give your Smart Filter a name.

Then you may choose what filters to apply: from a certain word or phrase in a message text or a subject to a certain label or integration.

Once done, click the Save button.

Using Smart Filters

To quickly switch between your Smart Filters, visit Tickets => Smart Filters:

For your convenience, we have added a User Setting that allows you to choose the Start Screen appearance:

Custom Fields

Bring your Business Analytics to a new level and get some insights about your business using our Custom Fields functionality.

Access Rights needed: Tools => Custom Fields (View & Edit)

Simply put, a Custom Field is a field with a certain format and type of information.

Once set up, it will be displayed in every ticket so your users could insert a specific type of information or choose one/several variant(s) from pre-created options.

Here are the examples:

Please note that these Custom Fields should be filled manually by your users.

Custom Fields Creation

To create a new Custom Field, please visit Tools => Custom Fields and click the Create New button:

A Custom Field creation window will be opened:

Here is a description of the fields & options:

  • Name: this is a name of your CS, it will be visible inside of a ticket;

  • Type: this is a type of an information this CS will contain;

  • Select options: multiple variants (available for the "List" type only);

  • Allow multiple options: this setting defines whether it is possible to choose more than one variant in this Custom Field.

Once everything is set up, click Save.

Filling the Custom Fields

Each ticket has a Custom Fields section on your right. To fill the Custom Fields, just press the Gear icon:

Once filled, click Save.

Custom Fields Data Export

To export your data, please visit Dashboard => Reports, find Custom Fields and press Generate:

Then you need to define what tickets and what information you would like to export:

Once done, click Download. Replyco generates a .CSV file that could be opened via Excel or Google Sheets.

Still have questions?

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