Company Settings

From your Company's working time, to Priorities & SLAs, these settings affect your whole Replyco account and all its users.

To access the Company settings page, please visit Admin => Company Settings.

Company Tab

This tab contains the following fields & settings:

Address & Billing Address: this information will not be shared with anyone and is for internal purposes only.

Auto-assign on Reply: when enabled, this option will automatically assign a ticket to a user who replied to it first (only if a ticket does not have an assignee yet).

Dashboards currency: this setting defines what currency will be displayed in Dashboards.

Merge eBay/Amazon Notifications: these options will automatically merge all incoming notifications into a few tickets based on a notification type.

Working Time: this section allows you to define your working hours. Later it can be used when creating Auto-Responses, LiveChat Widgets or new Priorities.

Priorities & SLA

Simply put, SLA (Service Level Agreement) is a commitment between a service provider and a client. In e-commerce, it is usually a response time or ticket resolution time. Easily set, customise and view message priorities and ticket management protocols (such as โ€œRespond to Amazon inquiries within 24 hoursโ€ or โ€œRespond to eBay messages within 12 hoursโ€).

Here in Replyco, we have Respond Till time and Resolve Till time columns on each Ticket List, so you could monitor and sort the most urgent inquiries from your clients.

For example, you declare on your website that you always reply to any message within 24 working hours and resolve all the issues within 96 working hours.

All of this can be tracked from Replyco.

To create a new Priority, visit Admin => Company Settings => Priorities & SLA and then press the Create New button. A Priority creation window will open.

Priority Name: this name will be visible in the list of priorities when you assign a priority to a ticket manually AND in the list of priorities when assigning a priority via Rules.

Respond Within & Resolve Within: these will be deadlines for each ticket this priority will be applied to.

Operational Hrs: this setting defines what hours will be taken as a basis (Calendar Hours or your Working Hours from the Company Settings tab).

Once everything is set up, click Save.

Still have questions?

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