Follow this step-by-step guide to receive Telegram messages in your Replyco account by adding the Telegram integration.

Access Rights needed: Main => Admin (View & Edit)

Replyco now offers seamless integration with the Telegram messenger app, allowing your customers to instantly reach you from virtually any device, safely and securely.

Step 1: Add a New Integration

β€ŒTo start, click the + Add Integration button in the upper-right hand corner and then click on the Telegram logo.

Step 2: Authorize Replyco β€” Telegram Synchronization

From the popup window, click the Authorize button to proceed and allow Replyco to receive your Telegram messages.

In order to proceed, you must have the Telegram application installed on your computer, or whichever device you’re using to set up this integration.

Click the Copy button to the right of β€œ/newbot” and then click the blue hyperlink to open up Telegram’s website.

From here, a popup message will appear prompting you to Open Telegram. Follow this link to be redirected to your Telegram messenger app, but keep your Replyco window open β€” we’ll be going back here later to finish the setup.

Step 4: Start a Chat with the Telegram Bot

You will now see a new chat with β€œBotFather” (the official Telegram bot setup account) appear in your Telegram app. Click Start to initiate a chat with the BotFather account and paste β€œ/newbot” (copied in Step 3), or simply type β€œ/newbot” and hit enter.

Step 5: Create Your Chat Bot

Follow the instructions within the BotFather chat. Here, you will give your customer support chat bot both a title and username.

The username must end with β€œbot”. Ex: β€œReplyco_Chat_Bot”

Once completed, BotFather will send you a congratulations message and provide you with an API token. Copy this code and go back to the Replyco Telegram setup window from Step 3.

Step 6: Enter Your API Token

Simply paste the code copied in the previous step into the HTTP API text entry field and then hit Authorize.

Step 7: All Done!

Access Your Telegram Messages

To view your Telegram messages, open the Instant Messages tab on the left-hand side of the screen.

Please note that you are able to restrict access to certain Instant Messages integrations individually for each user in the Access Rights section at Instant Messages Integrations.

Still have questions?

We're here to help! If you have ANY questions, need help with setup, or just want to chat about customer support (really, we are always up for a good chat), please don't hesitate to reach out via:

Chat: Click on the chat icon (lower right of the App)


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