Here are the basic things you should know about the Cases module.

Access Rights needed: Main => Cases (View & Edit)

The eBay Cases section of your Replyco account enables you to process INR Cases & returns/refunds, offer item replacements and perform other actions related to eBay claims and complaints.

What cases are automatically synced with Replyco?

At this time, only cases that have been opened within 24 hours of the feature deployment (or within 24 hours of when you started your trial) will be pulled into the Cases tab for processing. Cases already in process prior to syncing with Replyco can only be viewed via an eBay System Notification ticket.

Grant Access to the Cases Module

All users designated as Administrators will have access to cases. Standard users and staff must be granted access by an Administrator. Please find instructions below on how to grant the access.

Step 1: Go to the Access Rights section

In order to grant Admin and Cases access, you will first click on the Admin tab.

From the Admin tab, navigate to Users and select the user you are granting access. Click on the Access Rights tab.

Step 2: Ensure that modules are enabled

At the Access Rights section, mark both the โ€œViewโ€ and โ€œEditโ€ checkboxes next to Admin and Cases. Then hit the Save button.

How to enter a Case

You can access and respond to eBay Cases in 2 ways:

Method 1: From the Navigation Menu on your left

To respond directly to opened cases from Replyco, you can simply click on Cases in the left navigation menu.

Method 2: From Within a Ticket

As eBay still sends system messages and notifications when actions are being taken on a case (either by the buyer or seller), you can still access and even respond to any customer message from within the corresponding ticket. For cases that have been synced to Replyco, youโ€™ll be able to cross-reference the case with related messages.

eBay INR (Item Not Received) Cases

What are eBay INR Cases?

INR or โ€œItem Not Receivedโ€ cases occur when a customer who never received their order reports their missing item(s) to eBay.

Once this happens, the seller will have 3 days to respond to the INR case before the buyer can escalate the claim and have eBay step in to resolve the issue themselves.

Not responding to INR cases can have a detrimental effect on your seller rating and customer feedback, as well as cause potential eBay account issues. Itโ€™s in your best interest to take care of eBay INR cases right away.

The Escalate Inquiry action will prompt eBay to handle the case. In most situations, youโ€™ll want to deal with eBay cases yourself to ensure customer satisfaction and avoid negative reviews.

Upon opening an INR case, you will see a variety of actions that you can take to resolve the customer's issue. What you see will vary, depending on the particular case and how far along you are in the case resolution process.

To the right of your eBay case is the Related Tickets panel. Click the blue text within this panel for access to the customer tickets associated with this eBay case, in order to quickly pull up any relevant customer support messages.

Still have questions?

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