Ticket Lists

This section of the Documentation portal is about navigating between tickets and interacting with them.

Ticket Folders

To ensure efficient organization, all tickets are grouped into Ticket Folders. These folders categorize tickets based on their status and the responsible user.

Access Rights needed: Tickets => [choose a folder you need]

To access a folder, simply navigate to the Tickets section in the left menu and select the desired folder.

Let's explore each folder in detail:

  • Not Resolved: Contains tickets that are still pending resolution.

  • My Tickets: Displays tickets assigned specifically to you.

  • Unassigned: Shows tickets that have not yet been assigned to any team member.

  • Resolved: Contains tickets that have been successfully resolved.

  • All Tickets: Provides an overview of all tickets, excluding those labelled as Archived, Delayed, Snoozed, or Blocked.

  • Blocked: Displays tickets from customers who have been blocked.

  • Snoozed: Contains tickets currently under the Snooze feature.

  • Delayed: Shows tickets with delayed messages that are scheduled for future sending.

  • Archive: Contains tickets with the Archived status.

With this organized approach, Replyco simplifies your customer support experience, allowing you to efficiently manage and address customer inquiries.

Ticket List

The Ticket List section is a vital component of managing your tickets efficiently. Here, you will discover how to filter, interact with, and even export tickets as .CSV files.

Columns & Customization

Ticket List Columns

Ticket list columns provide specific information about your tickets, aiding navigation between them. To tailor the appearance of your ticket list to your preferences, you can customize each column by adding, removing, resizing, or rearranging them.

To customize columns:

  1. Click the ⋮ symbol at the top.

  2. Select the Edit Columns button.

  3. Add or remove columns as desired.

  4. To move a column left or right, click and hold the left mouse button, then drag and drop it into the desired position.

  5. To resize a column, locate the small angle icons at the bottom right corner of the column names. Click and hold the left mouse button on the angle icon, then drag and drop the cursor to adjust the column width.


Filters are invaluable for displaying specific types of tickets. When viewing any ticket list, simply click the Filters button to initiate filtering.

Once you click the Filters button, a Filtering Panel will appear. This panel offers various criteria for filtering. Simply select the desired criteria by clicking the type of criteria and choosing from the available options.

Each Ticket List has a Search field that allows you to quickly navigate across numerous tickets.

Ticket number, buyer username, subject, or a certain message phrase - our powerful search will find just everything you need.

For those companies, who have lots of tickets, we have the Advanced Search

This option allows you to use special searching rules, where you can specify the “AND” / “OR” conditions as you wish.

Ticket List Export

In addition to its array of features, Replyco offers a convenient ticket list export function. This feature enables you to obtain a .CSV version of the tickets displayed on the current Ticket List page.

To export your data, simply follow these steps:

  1. Visit any ticket list page, whether it's the Not Resolved folder or the Blocked folder.

  2. Set up the necessary filters and adjust the tickets-per-page setting according to your requirements.

  3. Locate the three dots icon at the top of the page.

  4. Click on the icon and select "Export," as shown in the screenshot below.

Once you initiate the export process, Replyco will generate a .CSV file that can be easily opened using applications such as Excel or Google Sheets.

Here is an example of the information you can expect to receive in the exported .CSV file:

With Replyco's ticket list export feature, you can conveniently analyze and work with your ticket data in the format that suits your needs.

Interaction with Tickets

Efficiently managing your tickets is essential in your daily workflow. Replyco provides several methods for interacting with tickets directly from the Ticket List.


By selecting one or multiple checkboxes next to the tickets, or by selecting all tickets, you can perform actions on the chosen tickets.

At the top of the screen, you will find a row of Available Actions, where you can select the desired action to apply to the selected tickets.

Here is a list of actions:

  • Run Rules - applies all of your active ticket rules to selected tickets;

  • Snooze - allows you to postpone your ticket(s) till a certain time and return to them later;

  • Archive - moves tickets to the Archive folder;

  • Mark Read - marks tickets as Read;

  • Mark Resolved - sets the Resolved status for all tickets you chose;

  • Mark Unread - marks tickets as Unread & makes their subject text bold;

  • Merge Tickets - allows you to gather and unify all selected tickets into one; Please note that this action cannot be undone!

  • Assign User - allows you to assign selected ticket(s) to one of your Replyco users;

  • Assign Labels - allows you to assign a label(s) to tickets you chose;

  • Block Customer - blocks customers and moves their tickets to the Blocked folder.

Context Menu

Replyco offers an alternative method of ticket interaction through the Context Menu.

To access this menu, simply right-click on the ticket you want to work with.

The Context Menu provides most of the actions available in the Actions row, offering convenient access to various ticket operations.

Hovering over tickets

Hovering your cursor over a ticket provides you with a preview of its information without the need to open it.

This allows you to quickly gather some details about the ticket.

Refer to the provided screenshots for an example of this feature in action.

With these intuitive methods of ticket interaction, Replyco streamlines your workflow, enabling efficient ticket management directly from the Ticket List page.

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