Feedback List

This is a list all of your feedbacks that are being pulled from your eBay & Amazon shops.

Access Rights needed: Main => Feedback (View & Edit)

Please note that this module displays All Feedback from eBay and only Neutral & Negative Feedback from Amazon.

Columns & Lines

Once you open a Feedback List, you will see a list with the following information in each line:

  • User: this is the username of your buyer who left a Feedback

  • Rating: this is the buyer's rating, which shows the number of feedbacks this buyer has left (for eBay integrations only)

  • Comment Type: can be Positive/Neutral/Negative

  • Comment: this is the text of the review itself

  • Created Date: this is a date the review has been left

  • Account: this is the name of your eBay/Amazon account this review belongs to

Filters & Sorting

The User, Comment Type, Comment, Created Date & Account columns can be sorted. Just click on them once or twice to choose the order:

You are also able to search among your reviews by using the Search field and filter the results by the following parameters:

  • Account: display only reviews related to a certain eBay or Amazon account

  • Comment Type: display only positive/neutral/negative reviews

  • Marketplace: display only eBay or Amazon reviews

Still have questions?

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