Case List

Your easy-to-understand guide to what you will find in the Case Summary section, including Filters and Customize Your View.

Access Rights needed: Main => Cases (View & Edit)

The Case Summary screen provides a snapshot of all active eBay Cases that have been synced in Replyco. You can sort column headers (newest to oldest) and view which cases need your attention.


Cases are fully searchable and you can Filter by Status (Opened, In Progress, Closed), by Account (for those that have more than one eBay account), and more.

Opened: The Opened status shows you when a new case has been opened, but no action has yet been taken.

In Progress (noted in yellow): The In Progress status signifies that a case is still open, but is in the process of being addressed. Further action is likely needed depending on where the buyer / seller is in the resolution process.

Closed (noted in green): Closed indicates a case has been closed and no further action is required.

Please note that we show only Active Cases by default. If you wish to display Closed ones, please enable the "All" additional filter before searching.

Customize Your View

While inside the Case List screen, you will find icons that enable you to customize your view.

Edit: To edit which columns you see in your interface, click on the Edit button and select the column by marking the checkbox.

Sync: For force synchronization, click the Sync button. Even though Replyco automatically syncs in the background throughout the day, you’ll need to force sync if you want to see an update immediately.

Refresh: Hit Refresh to update the page with the latest sync (automated or forced).

Still have questions?

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