Additional Tools

Discover other types of handy tools that are designed to bring even more customization & efficiency into your day-to-day workflow.

Tired of copying tracking numbers and pasting them to websites for getting tracking info? Bin that and get clickable tracking numbers for every shipping service you have!

Access Rights needed: Tools => Custom Shipping Links (View & Edit)

In order to set up your Custom Shipping Links, please visit Tools => Custom Shipping Links.

Click the Create New button.

In the Creation window, you will need to give your Shipping Service a name.

Please note that the Shipping Service name should be exactly the same text you see in the Order Details section inside of a ticket.

Once done, insert a basic tracking link for this Shipping Service.

A Basic Tracking Link is a link that you use for checking the status of your parcel but without a tracking number itself.

Once done, click Save.


Already using Replyco Templates, but would like to make your replies more personalized without spending additional time? You have come to the right place!

Simply put, Snippets are predefined pieces of text, which are pretty similar to Templates. But unlike Templates, which can only be used once during a customer response, snippets can be used many times in a row.

To start using snippets, follow our simple step-by-step guide below.

Step 1: Go to Snippets

Just click Tools on the left sidebar and then choose Snippets.

Step 2: Create a Snippet

Click the + Create New button on your top right.

Now you have entered the Snippet creation mode. Here are the meanings of fields and settings:

  • Template Name - this will be the name of your snippet. To activate your snippet, you will need to type "/" with the name of it.

  • "Enter text here..." field - this is the text that will replace the snippet name during the snippet activation. Please note that Tags also might be inserted here.

  • "Available for everyone" option - this option defines who will have an access to this snippet. If enabled, then this snippet will be visible to every user in your Company. Once disabled, this snippet will be available for you only.

Once you finished creating a snippet, click Save.

Step 3: Using a Snippet

When you are replying to a ticket, type "/" and choose one of the available snippets to replace it with your predefined text.

Pretty simple, isn't it? Combine your Snippets with Templates and Tags to take your customer service to the next level.


Worried about sending an empty space instead of a #tag# information? Leave this in past with our Fallbacks functionality.

Access Rights needed: Tools => Fallbacks (View & Edit)

Sometimes, when you use #tags#, you might find out that nothing is being sent instead of the Order information related to a tag.

This happens when Order Details do not contain a certain piece of information yet. There are numerous reasons for that.

Fallbacks put a pre-set phrase if a system finds nothing to place instead of missing order information.

To set up Fallbacks, please visit Tools => Fallbacks:

On the Fallbacks page, you will find all #tags# Replyco has. Each #tag# has a field, where you may type the replacement phrase.

Once done, click the Save button at the bottom of the page:

Above is an example of using the Fallback feature. Say goodbye to awkward #tags# situations.

Still have questions?

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