Inside of a Ticket

From the Ticket Header & Replying to a Ticket, to Custom Fields & Related Feedback sections, here you may learn everything about what each ticket consists of.

Ticket Header

After opening a Ticket you will see the main information about it, like Ticket ID, Subject, Marketplace icon and an Integration name.

On the left, you will find 2 arrows, which will help you to switch between tickets inside a folder you are currently in:

  • If you click on the left arrow you will go back to the list of Tickets you were in before.

  • If you will click on the right arrow you will see the Next Unread ticket.

Messages Area

This area contains all messages in this ticket including both - sent and received once.

At the top right corner, there are several buttons:

  • Sort messages by ascending/descending: this setting defines the order of letters displayed in a ticket (from oldest to newest or vice-versa); sorting by default can be set up via Account Settings;

  • "Add note" & "Show only notes" - these buttons are related to the Notes functionality and available only if the "Show Notes in Reply Area" account setting is enabled;

Each message has the following Properties and Buttons:


  • Message Type: Sent/Received;

  • Timestamp;

  • Sender Email Address (for received messages at email-based integrations);

  • Sender Profile Name (for sent messages, displays a name of a Replyco user who sent a message);

  • Template used: displays a name of a template taken as a basis of a sent message;

  • Auto-response name: (for sent messages, displays a name of an auto-response rule triggered);

  • CC'ed recipients (for both - received & sent messages);

  • BCC'ed recipients (for sent messages only).


  • Show HTML/Text Only: this button toggles the display mode for this message; an appearance by default can be chosen at the Account Settings page;

  • Translate button: translates this message to a preferred language based on your Account Settings;

  • Forward button: allows forwarding this message to another recipient by creating a child ticket;

  • Reply to All button: allows to reply to a customer and all CC'ed recipients at once;

  • Expand/Collapse button: defines a message's appearance, you can choose a default value at the Account Settings page.

Ticket Logs

This feature can be enabled on the Account Settings page and displays all noticeable actions a ticket was affected by. It also becomes quite handy when investigating working incidents and trying to find root causes.

Action Buttons

Here is a description of each button:

  • The Mark Unread button redirects you back to the ticket list and marks this ticket as Unread.

  • The Snooze button allows you to postpone a ticket until the time period you wish.

  • The Archive button sends this ticket into the Archived folder. If a ticket is archived already, then this button will be replaced with the Restore button.

  • The Mark as Resolved/Unresolved button sets an appropriate Ticket Status.

  • The Assign User button allows you to assign this ticket to one of your teammates.

  • The Respond button opens a Reply Box, where you may type a reply.

Replying to a Ticket

Once pressed, a Reply Box will appear:

Here is a description of its fields & buttons:

  • Send to: this field contains a customer name;

  • CC/BCC: once clicked, these buttons will display an appropriate field, where you may type an email address of a recipient you would like to CC or BCC;

  • Template: this field allows you to choose one of your text templates enabled for this channel;

  • Reply area: this is where you type your text, paste images, insert snippets or modify a selected template;

  • Tags: this button displays a menu of #tags# available for pasting;

  • Translate: this button allows you to translate your text to another language OR translate and send it right away;

  • Preview: this button opens a preview window, where you may check how your final text will look like from a recipient's side after sending;

  • Add Attachment: this button allows you to upload a file and attach it to a message;

  • Resolve after Reply: this button will mark a ticket as Resolved after sending a message; choose a behaviour by default on the Account Settings page;

  • Send with Delay: if this setting is enabled, all replies will be delayed by a number of minutes you chose;

  • Choose Delaying Time: this button will open a pop-up where you may choose a delay time specifically for this message;

  • Save Reply as a Template: this button saves a current text as a template.

Ticket Attributes

Each ticket has the following attributes:

  1. Ticket Status: Resolved/Not Resolved;

  2. Notification: shows if this ticket is already assigned to someone else, OR if any of your colleagues are already reading this ticket or even replying to it (Collision Detection feature needs to be active);

  3. Labels: shows all labels that were allocated to this ticket;

  4. Priority: shows a priority that was allocated to this ticket.

This section displays if there is any eBay INR or Return Case registered in Replyco and related to this order. Once clicked, you will be redirected to a Case page.

To learn more about the Replyco Cases module, please check this page.

Customer Details

Each ticket has a related customer. Here is a description of Customer Details available from within a ticket:

  • Email;

  • Phone;

  • Shipping Address.

You are also able to block this customer (and move all his past and future correspondence into the Blocked folder) by clicking the three dots icon at the top right corner.


You may leave internal notes and @tag your colleagues.

Order Details

This section contains main fields with information related to an order.

At the top of the section, there are several buttons:

  • Show full Market Order: opens a pop-up window with ALL the info a Marketplace shares with Replyco;

  • Sync Order from Market: updates order details with the last info from a Marketplace;

  • Show full OMS Order: opens a pop-up window with ALL the info an OMS (Order Management System) shares with Replyco; if you do not have any OMS integrated into Replyco, you won't see this button;

  • Sync Order from OMS: updates order details with the last info from an OMS (Order Management System); if you do not have any OMS integrated into Replyco, you won't see this button;

  • Download Invoice from OMS: if your OMS supports this, you may download an appropriate invoice for this order after clicking this button.

If you click on the three dots icon, you will see these and other additional actions you are able to perform with this order:

Here is a description of additional Order Actions:

  • Remove order: this option removes an order from the Order Details section, so you could insert another one;

  • Cancel/Refund/Return Order: these buttons are only available inside of eBay tickets at the moment and allow you to perform an appropriate action with an order.

Product Details

This section displays brief info about the item(s) ordered.

If you switch it to the Related Products position, a common listing product(s) information will be displayed:

Custom Fields

To learn more about Custom Fields feature, please visit this page.


This section allows you to upload files related to a ticket without sending them to your customer.

Once uploaded, you may download them later if needed.

This section displays if there is any eBay or Amazon feedback registered in Replyco and related to this order. Once clicked, you will be redirected to a feedback page.

To learn more about the Replyco Feedback module, please check this page.

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