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Learn more about Replying in chat conversations and about conversation details that may help you address customers' questions more effectively.

Access Rights needed: Main => Instant Messages (View & Edit)

Replying in a Chat Conversation

Replying to an Instant Messages conversation is just as simple as chatting in messengers!

When you enter any Instant Messages conversation, the main thing you see is the Chatting History and the Reply Area.

Chatting History

This area contains all messages sent by both sides. All messages are displayed in chronological order.

Reply Area

This area contains the Reply Box itself and also the following buttons (from left to right): Templates, Attachment, and Send button.

Chat Templates

Chat Templates will save you time when it's about answering typical queries.

Similar to the Ticket Templates functionality, our Instant Messages module also has this extremely important feature.

To use one of the templates when replying to an Instant Messages conversation, just click on the Template button and choose the template you need from the list of available templates.

To learn more about how to create new templates for your Instant Messages integrations, please visit this page.

Chat Attachments

Empower your business communication with customers by sending and receiving attachments.

Nowadays, every messenger must have the ability to send and receive attachments. So does the Replyco Instant Messages module. It's just not up for discussion.

To make an attachment, just click the Add Attachment button and choose a file you need.

Convo Information

Conversation Attributes

Each Instant Messages conversation has attributes for better management. Below is a short description of them.

1. Assigned User

This attribute shows users who are responsible for a chat conversation. You may choose multiple users to assign.

Please note that in order to view the Instant Messages conversations assigned users should have the proper access rights.

To learn more about this, please visit the Access Rights Management section, there are pages related to Widgets & Instant Messages Integrations.

2. Conversation Status

This attribute defines whether the conversation is closed or open. For your convenience, all closed conversations are being moved to the Closed folder. If a new message arrives, a closed conversation will be moved back to the Open folder.

Conversation Details

Each Instant Messages conversation has the ability to attach a related customer. Our system does the rest and pulls additional information for your convenience.

1. Customer Details

This section contains a customer's email address and phone number. Clicking on the email address will allow you to send an email via Replyco and create a new ticket.

2. Previous Orders' History

Here you are able to track all the previous orders that are related to your customer. Please note that only orders that were pulled after you started using Replyco will appear in this section.

3. Previous Tickets' History

Would like to check previous communication with this client before writing a reply? This section will show you all the Replyco tickets related to a customer.

Here in Replyco, we believe that real-time chatting brings you and your customers one more step closer to each other. That is why we will keep working on this module to make it even more versatile and helpful for e-commerce sellers.

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