Follow this step-by-step guide to receive WooCommerce order data and customer messages in your Replyco account by adding the WooCommerce Integration.
To start receiving WooCommerce customer messages and order data within Replyco, you'll need to have access to your WordPress Admin Dashboard. But to start, head over to your Replyco account.

Step 1: Add a New Integration

To begin, click the + Add Integration button in the upper-right hand corner and then click on the WooCommerce logo.

Step 2: Authorize Replyco — WooCommerce Synchronization

From the popup window, click the Authorize button to proceed and allow Replyco to import your WooCommerce customer data.
In order to proceed with the next steps, you will need your WordPress account login credentials.

Step 5: Head Over to Your WordPress Admin Dashboard

Next, leave the Replyco integration setup window open, and in a new tab, go to your WordPress Dashboard. You can do this by adding "wp-admin " at the end of your website's URL.
From here, hover your mouse over WooCommerce on the left-hand side of the screen and then click Settings.

Step 6: Set up Your REST API Key

From the WordPress —WooCommerce settings menu, select the Advanced tab on the right, and then select the REST API tab from the sub-menu.
Description: Give your Replyco API key a descriptive name. This is for internal purposes only.
User: Select a user from the dropdown list. This is usually the WordPress account admin.
Permissions: Leave this on "Read."
Once done, click the Generate API button.

Step 7: Copy Your Consumer Key & Secret

You will now see your newly generated Consumer key and Consumer secret. Copy both of these into a blank document.
Make sure to save both of these codes in a document for safekeeping. You will NOT be able to access them again after completing this step, as they will both be encrypted.

Step 8: Head Back to Replyco

Back in your Replyco integration setup window, finish setting up your WooCommerce integration.
Integration Name: Give your integration any name you want — this is for internal purposes only.
Username: Enter your WooCommerce account username (this is usually an email address).
Consumer Key: Paste in the Consumer key you just copied in Step 7.
Consumer Secret: Paste in the Consumer secret you just copied in Step 7.
Store URL: Enter your WooCommerce store's web address.
Display Email: Associate an email address with your new integration.
Once done, click the Authorize button at the bottom

Step 9: Set up Email Forwarding

In order to receive all of your WooCommerce emails, in addition to your WooCommerce order data, you will need to set up email forwarding. Click the Copy Email Address button and then click Authorize.
You can finish your integration setup now, and then set up WooCommerce email forwarding after, using our Email Help Guide.

All Done!

To confirm your new integration has been successfully added to Replyco, click the Admin panel on the left-hand side of the Replyco home screen and then select Integrations. Here, you will see a list of all the integrations you have installed.
Last modified 1yr ago