Manage Users

Learn how to edit user permissions and assign access rights for Labels, Ticket Folders, Tools and Admin features.

Step 1: Go to Your Users List

From the left-hand side of the screen, click on the Admin tab, and then select Users from the dropdown menu.
In the Users tab, you can see the status of your user accounts: Activated or Not Activated.

Step 2: Select a User

Click on a user's name to open the Information and Access Rights panel.

Step 3: Open the Information & Access Rights Panel

In the Information tab, you can edit basic user information like: name, phone number, email, language and message view.
You can also choose how you want Ticket Badges to appear for users. This is the numerical symbol that appears to the right of every ticket category and tells you how many tickets are in each.
The default view shows only the number of Unresolved tickets. Choosing multiple variables will make the ticket badge display as a fraction. Ex: 50/65 = (Unresolved Tickets / Total Tickets).
When you're done here, click Save.

Step 4: Managing User Permissions

From the same window, click the Access Rights tab to the right. Here is where you will give Replyco users permission to either view or interact with ("edit") specific sections of Replyco.
For all of the following categories, simply click the View or Edit checkboxes to change users' permissions.


The Main access options include access to the Admin panel, Billing, Cases and Feedback.


In the Tools section, you will assign which items under the Tools tab are available to users.


Labels assign tickets into different categories — choose which labels a user can view.


Choose which types of tickets users have access to.


Finally, choose which dashboard features users can access — this includes sales reports, performance reports and other marketplace and integration data.
When done, click Save.

Want to Add a New User?

Follow our Add Users guide here.