Monitor and Troubleshoot Integrations

Learn how to monitor, manage, add, edit or delete integrations, as well as find solutions to common integration issues.

View the Status of Your Integrations

To see more data about the status of your integrations, navigate to the Admin panel on the left-hand side of the screen and then select Integrations from the dropdown menu.
From here you can see a full breakdown of what's going on with your integrations.
  • Source: This icon represents the source of the integration (Email, Shopify, eBay, etc.).
  • Synchronization: Reveals whether the integration is currently syncing up with the latest data, in queue to sync, or blocked.
  • Account: The name of the platform or marketplace being integrated.
  • Name: The name you gave to your integration.
  • Last Messages Sync: Last time your integration messages were synced with Replyco.
  • Last Orders Sync: Last time your integration order data was synced with Replyco.
  • Last Returns Sync: Last time your return data was synced with Replyco.
  • Status: A green lock icon means your integration is operating without any problems. A red lock icon means your integration is temporarily blocked due to an issue.

Troubleshooting Blocked Integrations

If your integration is blocked, clicking on the lock icon, or anywhere else within the integration row, will open the Integration Details window — from here you can get a better idea of what went wrong.
Below you'll find a few of the most common blocked integration occurrences and what you can do about them. For anything not covered here, please reach out to us so can help you resolve the issue.

Blocked Integration Scenario 1: Expired Login Token

If your token has expired, this simply means that you have been logged out of your marketplace or platform.
To re-login into your marketplace, click the Re-login button from the bottom of the Integration Details window. Here you will re-follow the integration setup steps you took when you initially added your integration. Once completed, your integration should be active and no longer blocked.
From the Integration Details window you can also edit your integration data or delete your integration entirely.

Blocked Integration Scenario 2: No Reason Provided

You may see no reason provided under the "Blocking Reason" text in the Integration Details window. This could be because the marketplace / email server is temporarily down, a password has been changed or any number of other reasons.
This issue is usually easily resolved by simply hitting the Unblock button from the bottom of the Integration Details window.

Blocked Integration Scenario 3: Revoked API key

An API key can be revoked only if a customer or web admin manually removed the API token from the marketplace / platform. In this instance, you would have to either create or restore the API token from within the marketplace / platform.
If you're not sure how to do this, please contact your web administrator or integration's support team for assistance managing your API keys.

Still Having Issues?

If your integration is blocked for a reason we didn't cover, or if the steps provided in this guide didn't resolve the issue for you, please don't hesitate to contact our Customer Support Team so we can get you back to business. You can also reach us at anytime via our Live Chat widget at the bottom of the Replyco screen.