Inside a Ticket
Once you've integrated all of your selling channels with Replyco, communications from customers will come through as Tickets. Learn about what information is included inside a Ticket here.
A Ticket includes all communication you have with your customer. Think of it as a message, either directly from your customer or sent through a marketplace or other integrated platform.
System messages from selling platforms are not counted as a ticket.
Replyco includes all of your important customer information, inside each ticket, with one view.
The includes: Customer Details, Order Details, Notes, Tasks, Assigned User, Attachment, Priority and Labels.
Also, you can manually add Notes, Tasks and Attachments.
Drag and Drop to customize the Order Details Screen within each ticket.
Manually assign messages and labels (folders) and set the priority level.
Once you open a ticket and respond to it, you should archive it, assign it to yourself or mark it as resolved.
Clicking Resolve will move the ticket into the Resolved folder at left.
Messages go into the My Tickets folder after clicking Assign to myself.
The Blocked folder shows clients that have been blocked from the system. To Block a client, open the customer ticket and click Block customer.
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