Create Email Templates
Learn everything you need to know about creating email templates for faster response times here.
Email templates allow you to create pre-formatted messages (for categories like FAQ), that users can select from a drop-down when replying to or sending a message. It's a great way to improve response times!

Step 1: Go to Templates

Selects Tools > Templates from the left sidebar.
You will see a list of all of existing templates, plus the option to create a new one.

Step 2: Create Template

Click on the Create New button at the top right corner of the app.
  • Enter a Name for the template. The name should be one that is easily recognizable when viewed in a drop-down.
  • Select a Channel (Integration) the template will be used in.
  • Enter message content.
  • Include a Tag.
    • Click on the area in the message body where you want to include the Tag.
    • Click on the Tag you want to include. The Tag code will automatically appear in the body of the message.
Tags are meant to allow you to personalize your message and save you time by removing the need to copy and paste the information into the customer message. The system will automatically replace tags with the appropriate value for your ticket.
Examples include: #marketplace# | #order_id# | #product_id# | #product_name# | #customer_id# | #customer_name# | #username# | #ticket_id# | #tracking_number#

Step 3: Save

Click Save.
To view, click on the Template Name.
To edit, click on the Pencil icon next to the template name.
To delete, click on the Trashcan icon next to the template name.
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