Feedback Requests

The ability to proactively seek feedback from Amazon buyers is vitally important to the health of an Amazon eCommerce business. That’s why we’re so excited to introduce Feedback Requests to you.
Here’s how it works.

Step 1: Create a feedback rule.

Using the Amazon “Request a Review” template, sellers will be able to create a customisable set of rules to automatically trigger feedback requests.
The Feedback Rules section can be found at Tools => Automation.
Please note that you will need Admin access rights to view or edit.
Navigate to the Feedback Rules tab.
Click on the +Create Rule button in the upper right corner.
Include a Name for the rule.
Assign Affected Channels. You can choose 1 or more Amazon integrations.
Create a Schedule (days) by entering the number of days after the latest estimated delivery date. Once expired, the feedback request will be sent.
Exclude orders with active tickets by clicking the toggle button On or Off.
Exclude orders with open Cases by clicking the toggle button On or Off.
Click on Save. Only new orders will be affected.

Step 2: Monitoring

To view current and pending feedback requests, navigate to Feedback => Feedback Requests.
You can elect to manually send a request ahead of schedule or cancel if needed.
You can also Filter by Status by clicking on Pending, Cancelled, or Sent from the top of the list view.
For more on viewing feedback for both Amazon and eBay, see Feedback List.