Internal Notes
Adding internal notes to your tickets enables better message management and coordination with your customer support team by providing a space to communicate additional information.

Step 1: Open a Ticket

From the left-hand side of your screen, navigate to your Tickets, and select the ticket that you would like to add a note to.

Step 2: Add a New Note

Upon opening a ticket, you will see the Notes section in the right-hand panel, beneath the Customer Details box. Click the + Add New button.

Step 3: Write Your Message

In the text box, write your note, informing your team members of any information relevant to the customer query. Once you're done, hit Save.
That's it! Your note is now available to your team members.

Revising or Deleting Your Note

Simply click the pencil icon next to your note to edit it, or the trashcan icon to delete it.

Syncing Your Note with Linnworks

If a Linnworks order is assigned to a Replyco ticket, notes can be seamlessly synchronized between the two platforms.
Clicking the Sync Notes with Linnworks button will add notes from Linnworks into the Replyco ticket, as well as send Replyco ticket notes over to the Linnworks system.