Add Branded Signatures
Learn how to create and add Branded Signatures for every selling channel you've integrated with Replyco.
Replyco allows users to create individual signatures which can be used across all integrations OR multiple signatures that can be created for each marketplace integration.

Step 1: Go to My Settings

Click on your Initial(s) in the top right corner.
Click My Settings.

Step 2: Create Signature

Click on Integrations Signatures, then Create New.
Click on the blank Integrations bar. You’ll see a drop down menu with a list of available integrations. Select one or many integrations for this signature.
Accidentally select an integration? Just click on the “x” next to the integration name to remove.
Add your personalized Signature. HTML capabilities are available.

Step 3: Save

Click Save.
Your signature will now appear in any messages or responses you create based on the integration you are working from.