Follow this step-by-step guide to receive Etsy order data and customer messages in your Replyco account by adding the Etsy Integration.
To start receiving customer messages and order data within Replyco, you'll need to set up your integration and have access to your Etsy account login credentials.

Step 1: Add a New Integration

To start, click the + Add Integration button in the upper-right hand corner and then click on the Etsy logo.

Step 2: Authorize Replyco — Etsy Synchronization

From the popup window, complete all of the required fields and then click the Authorize button to allow Replyco to connect to your Etsy account.
Integration Name: Give your integration any name you want — this is for internal purposes only.
Display Email: Associate an email address with your new integration.
Once done, click the Authorize button at the bottom.
To authorize Replyco to sync with Etsy, click the Authorize button once again. You will be redirected to Etsy to log in using your credentials.

Step 3: Replyco App — Allow access on Etsy

Once you have authorized Replyco on Etsy, you will see a notification stating that the Replyco application would like to connect to your Etsy account. Press the Allow Access button.

Step 4: Set up Email Forwarding

Adding the Etsy integration allows Replyco to pull in order data alongside messages. However, you must also set up Email Forwarding to receive those messages inside your Replyco account. This is done by configuring your IMAP/POP account to forward messages to the Replyco email address we provide.
Click the Copy Email Address button and then click Done.
In a separate window, log in to your Email Host to configure Forwarding and POP/IMAP.
When prompted, paste the address you copied from Replyco.
For detailed instructions on Email Forwarding, please refer to our Email Help Guide.

All Done!


To confirm your Etsy integration or to view other Integrations that have already been added, go to Admin > Integrations.
A list will show the Source, Synchronization Status, Account, Name, Date for Last Messages Synced and Last Orders Synced.
  • A green status means that the Integration IS configured correctly.
  • A red status means the integration is NOT configured correctly.