How to connect your company's Instagram Direct to the Replyco App.
Connect your Instagram account to a public Facebook page
Go to Public Page Settings.
In the Instagram tab, click Connect account.
Make sure that the option Allow access to Instagram messages in Inbox is turned on.
After connecting Instagram to Facebook do not forget to click the "Review Connection" button.
Enable Allow Access to Messages in Connect Tools. You can find it in the Instagram mobile app: Settings - Privacy - Messages. Pay attention, Instagram Direct messages will not be delivered without this option.
Once you authorize your Instagram account, you will see the details of your Instagram account on the Facebook page.
Connect your Instagram account to Replyco App
After authorizing, continue as the Facebook user, choose Instagram page and Facebook page you want to connect and allow access to all settings:
If you follow all these steps you will be able to successfully add your Instagram integration to Replyco App.
Last modified 1yr ago