Follow this step-by-step guide to receive Shopify messages in your Replyco account by adding the Shopify Integration.

In order to begin receiving customer messages and order information from your Shopify stores(s), you'll need to connect your Replyco account to each Shopify store.

IMPORTANT: You MUST complete ALL 3 steps below (Step 1: Info; Step 2: Authorize; Step 3: Update Email) in order for this integration to function properly.

Click + Add Integration at the top right of the app.

Select Shopify from the list of integration options.

Step 1: Info

  • Add Integration name (e.g. Shopify UK).

  • Enter a Shop Name.

  • Enter the Display Email you have associated with this account.

  • (Advanced) Check Custom SMTP Configuration ONLY if you DON'T want to use the API.

SMTP allows Replyco to communicate directly with your server rather than using integration API functionality. This is an alternative method preferred by some customers. Recommended for advanced users only.

  • Click Authorize.

Step 2: Authorize

Log in to your Shopify store. Stay logged into your Replyco account as well. You'll need to be logged in to both so we can connect them together.

A secondary screen will ask you to continue with authorization.

Press the Authorize button.

You will be automatically redirected to your Shopify account.

Log in using your credentials (if not already logged in).

After validating your Shopify credentials you should be automatically redirected back to Replyco.

Step 3: Update Email in Shopify

** REMINDER: This step MUST be completed in order for your Shopify integration to function properly. **

From Replyco, go to Admin > Integrations.

Select the Shopify integration you just added.

Click the Edit button and copy email address.

Open a new tab for your Shopify page. Choose Settings in the left corner.

Click on General (View and update your store details).

In the Customer email box, paste the email you copied from Replyco.

Don't forget to Save! Your Shopify account is now active. Well done!


To see Integrations that have already been added, go to Admin > Integrations.

A list will show the Source, Synchronization Status, Account, Name, Date for Last Messages Synced and Last Orders Synced.

  • A green status means that the Integration IS configured correctly.

  • A red status means the integration is NOT configured correctly.

DID YOU KNOW that Chat is available from within the app? Just click on the chat icon at the lower right side of your screen. A representative will be available during normal business hours (GMT+0).