Getting started

Get started with sign up! To do that, go to the link:

After registration, first let’s add your integrations. You can add as many integrations as you want. Step-by-step instructions for integrating all accessible sales platforms are available on the left-hand side.

To do this, click "Add Integration".

And then select an icon below to add all your sales channels and help your customers wherever they may be - all from one dashboard.

If you want:

  • to give access to other members of your team

  • view the status of your integrations

  • set up Priorities and SLA

  • change your password

go to the Admin documentation for detailed instructions.

How to create:

  • labels

  • rules

  • new Templates and set up auto-responses to save time

you can find here:

For detailed information on working with tickets:

  • how to respond

  • assign to the right person

  • split into labels

  • archive tickets

click here:

On the Dashboard, the following information will be available:

  • the number of tickets per Integration accounts, per Marketplaces

  • top 5 Customers by Tickets Count

  • how many tickets are resolved/not resolved

  • how many tickets are new for today and for last 30 days.